The Reference Series | High End

Listening to music or watching a movie is not the same for everyone. The reason why is because we process audio and video on a subconscious level. In other words, it's an emotional experience. When the content is produced in a natural way, true to the intentions of the composer or producer, you might just get goose bumps. That's where you want to be. Some manufacturers create equipment with a distinct signature. Adding a certain character to the sound is not the same as striving for natural reproduction. Here at Vitus Audio we want to get as close to the original as possible. We put technology at the service of the music. It boils down to stand out, to rise above mediocrity. Just like you're not satisfied with that average car. You want more out of life: superior technology, breakthrough innovation, functional design and stellar performance. There are only a few manufacturers out there, which can produce cars that meet these expectations. We would like to think that we are the best-suited partner if you're looking for the same things in the audiovisual landscape. Our Reference Series offer a true entry in the world of high end. The range consists of 6 products. Feel free to explore them. Each of the Reference Series products offers expressivity, emotion and finesses. Are you ready to make the right choice?

The Signature Series | Extreme

Ready to step up? To raise the bar? If you are a Reference Series enthusiast, you already know our dedication to natural sound reproduction. Evolving to the Signature Series is like a beautiful caterpillar becoming an exquisite butterfly. It's an organic process. Music is art. To capture the real drama of a full-blown classical orchestra you need a system composed of artistic pieces with true high end intentions. The elements of the Vitus Audio Signature Series are able to paint a delicate, vast and colorful musical canvas without compromise. Quality comes not only from within. The way that the Signature Series products are machined is absolutely stunning. The elegant curves are a reminder of the hull of a yacht. The class and luxury is that of spacious, exclusive cabins. Sailing on the vast water gives you a sense of infinity, similar to the endless musical story that starts with the Vitus Audio Signature Series. Our Signature Series offer a true evolution in the world of high end. The range consists of 9 products. Feel free to explore them. Each of the Reference Series products offers integration, balance and incredible performance. Are you ready to begin a sensational journey?

The Masterpiece Series | Supreme

Time is money. We all know that saying. It means that time is precious. We don’t live forever. We all want to leave a legacy. Therefore, we must make every second count. The true legacy of Vitus Audio lies in their Masterpiece Series. Each piece is like a masterful achievement. One can compare the masterpieces with chronographs. A chronograph is a precise, accurate and high-performance instrument. The bezel represents the beautifully machined housing. Cost is no object in the pursuit of the ultimate. Carefully selected components make each masterpiece tick, like an internal wheelwork. Miniature designs seem filled with marvelous cogs, working harmoniously together to withstand the test of time. In a majestic way the hands move constantly around the plate, indicating the time, mood and expectance. Jazz, classic or contemporary? Musical preference and taste for design come together. What’s your choice? The enjoyment of many chronographs is that you can look into it. The designs of the Vitus Audio masterpieces are equally transparent. They are built to last a lifetime. Each instrument of the Masterpiece Series guarantees the highest level of musical enjoyment. Becoming an owner of such highly esteemed electronics is a privilege and will leave you speechless!

Design Studio Series

Our Design Studio Series will not only redefine the state of the art, it will cause listeners and reviewers to rethink what is possible in music reproduction. This cost-no-object series will deliver unbelievably realistic performance from an elegantly stunning component. You really will have to hear it to believe it. By special order only.

SM-103 Monaural Power Amplifier

SCD-025 mk.II CD-R/DAC

SIA-025 mk.II Balanced Integrated Amplifier

Reference Series stack at display @ RCM Audio in Poland

Full Masterpiece suite – MP-P201, MP-L201 & MP-M201

Show in Brussels – Lounge mood white concept

Sweetspot show in Stockholm 2016.

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